Global Consolidation

At Bellatrix, we create values for both high net worth individuals and companies by consulting them on global asset allocation and operations, respectively. Analyzing and, eventually, consolidating their assets globally create the transparency, which is required to improve the performance and reduce the structural or operational risks.


Global Consolidation for Private Clients

Together with the Client, Bellatrix defines the overall asset allocation and acts as general manager over the consolidated portfolio. It then defines investment profiles in terms of setting the strategy and boundaries of the asset allocation of each individual sub-account.

We have put in place tools and processes to monitor the overall performance as well as analyzing the performances and risk profiles of each sub-account. We then act as investment experts in the name of the client and organize the communication channels between the portfolio managers and the client.

In order to eliminate any conflict of interests – as Bellatrix has the oversight over the third party portfolio managers – and to act purely in the client’s name, we do not take a discretionary or advisory mandate of one of the sub-accounts.

While implementations of a global consolidation can vary from loose consolidations of decoupled accounts globally to sophisticated global custody solutions involving reputed banks, our emphasis will be on the strategy of the asset allocation.

As a part of this consulting mandate we help our clients to source best in class third party portfolio managers and to negotiate conditions with financial institutions.


Balance Sheet Consolidation

Companies, by consolidating their balance sheets can improve structural effectiveness and efficiency of working capital for their company. Global consolidation, has a significant impact on the company’s valuation and analysts will eventually put more weight into it, which adds value to the company in the long run.