Wealth Planning

At Bellatrix, we advise our clients at every stage of their life. Wealth planning is fundamental to ensure that their wishes and goals can be achieved when life changes. We assist them during the entire life cycle and help in their decision making process to effectively accumulate wealth, preserve wealth and optimize retirement needs.

Wealth is eventually will be transfer, but through our inheritance planning services, we make sure that our clients’ loved ones receive their family inheritances efficiently from one generation to another. Our clients are able to set their will and probate to the highest standard, with our experts’ advice and administrative service.


Events in Life Relevant to Wealth Planning

In life, many events shape your wealth and at every milestone there are different needs and objectives. These events have an influence on both income and cost of living. At Bellatrix, we can assist you to plan and structure your wealth and optimize an investment approach by proposing an asset allocation that suits your stage in life.


We Help Our Clients to Determine:

  • When to invest into their success, when and how to start to accumulate wealth.
  • Which Asset allocation is required at which stage of life.
  • Which are the fiscal options to optimize growth, preservation and transfer of assets.
  • Which legal and fiscal aspects must be considered at any stage of your life, e.g. for marriage, retirement or inheritance.