Private Equity

At Bellatrix, we offer private equity services which has been active since the launch of the firm. We deliver customized private equity portfolios to our clients, including family offices and asset managers in Europe, Asia and Middle East. We have delivered outstanding performance for our clients through our focus on the best funds and high quality products.

Our team is experienced with complimentary backgrounds. We offer all different stages of private equity, from venture capital to buyout and restructuring. We have deep understanding of private equity cycles in the Europe, Asia and Middle East. We offer a custom made long-term investment solution, in order to increase our clients return. We also provide private equity advisory services such as, investment monitoring, how to deal with voting rights as well as handling capital.

Our independence gives us a great advantage to avoid conflict of interests and all of our activities are based on integrity and transparency.



Under Private Equity Operation, We Are Able To Offer: 

  • Investment Structure: We advice clients on various setups and corporate structures for private equity, assessing both operational and financial effectiveness.
  • Fund Investment: On behalf of our clients, we identify and access funds raised by the best private equity managers in Europe, Asia and Middle East. We invest in venture, buyout, turnaround as well as credit strategies.
  • Direct and Co-Investment: We co-invest selectively and in very special occasions we invest directly with the best private equity managers.