Family Office Services

At Bellatrix, our goal is to be one of the leading multi family offices in Europe, Asia and Middle-East, by providing unique and sustainable solutions for all different type of families. We make sure to understand family values and cultures and help families for successful transition of these values from one generation to another. We value your family and family needs through our multi-family office services. We act as a reliable advisor who can manage all different types of family related tasks. We carefully understand what is important for each family member as well as what is culturally important for the whole family, then we set priorities which can lead the family to its goal.

Key Competences

We run our core operating business, funds and foundations, as well as focusing on managing investment assets for families. These functions enable us to help our clients to grow their fortune by creating unique opportunities for the family as well as access to the best in-class managers.

Our global presence with our experienced team in fields of wealth management, fiduciary, real estate, private equity, accounting and legal makes us to be able to provide unique solutions to each family and individual members. We spend majority of our time on asset allocation and investing in equities, fixed income, private equity, real estate, hedge funds, art collection, wine cellar, etc.

  • Our business is sustainable by focusing in the quality of our relationship and creating a robust infrastructure.
  • Our business is scalable by going through all different business phases and economic environment.
  • We help our clients to preserve and grow their wealth though generations, in turbulent and unpredictable markets with innovative, dedicated and specialist team.

Our Values

Our boutique set up create an advantage for our clients by providing:

  • Client’s interest first, and act as the client’s strategic team who dedicate to the services offered.
  • Transparency, to create a trust and make sure our clients are happy with the decisions.
  • Independence, to make unbiased decisions and provide unique solutions based on family’s needs.
  • Track Record, to provide experienced advises.

We help our clients to re-structure their set up, to be able to coordinate between different stakeholders and by taking care of their administrations. We give them freedom to focus on their most important objectives in their life. We are on a regular contact with our clients to make sure that they are completely aware of their financial wealth.



At Bellatrix we provide our clients with a broad range of different services such as:

  • Wealth Planning: all range of services from structuring and tax planning to wealth protection.
  • Tax Planning: Providing local and international tax advices as well as Fiscal company migration.
  • Trustee and Corporate Services: Setting up and selecting appropriate jurisdiction for trusts, foundation and other corporate structures.
  • Charity and Philanthropy Services: Philanthropic planning and assistance in the establishment of charitable advices.
  • Real Estate Services: All range of services from real estate advisory, search, create, support for sale to real estate financing and mortgages.
  • Business Development and Private Equity: Services including Merger & Acquisition advisory to structured finance and private equity investment.
  • Budget and Cash Flow Management: Cash management as well as short and long term liquidity diagnosis and planning.
  • Family and General Services: All range of services from concierge services to support and schooling of children and organising the private events for family.