We are providing investment ideas and insights for our clients through our custom made research in equity, fixed income, currency and commodities markets. Our creative and analytical team, provide macroeconomic and quantitative strategies, which formulate and forecast different asset classes and sectors. Our research reports help our clients to better understand the market trends, which affect their portfolio’s performance. Our dedicated team with the help of in-house developed strategies analyses a wide range of securities and markets in order to provide not only macroeconomic but also microeconomic views and investment strategies.

Our equity research team analyzes stock market worldwide in order to identify niche investment opportunities. 

Our macro research team provides macroeconomic as well as market views and recommendations covering areas such as asset allocation and investment strategies. 

Our quantitative and analytical models help our clients to enhance returns, manage risk exposure, optimize performance, manage liquidity and cost, and monitor market turbulence models by using a wide range of fundamental, technical and economic data. 

Our portfolio strategy research team provide market views and recommendations on both sector and asset allocations for every major equity market.