Company Overview

Bellatrix Asset Management S.A. is a Luxembourg based financial asset management company set up in 2007. It is owned entirely by its managers and employees, guaranteeing its independence.

In its core, the company manages private wealth and institutional assets both through advisory or discretionary management mandates, and through its own investment funds.

Also, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of associated financial services, such as investment research, family office services and fiscal advisory, which enable us to serve our clients in an 360 degree approach.

Bellatrix Asset Management aims to create added value for its clients by offering them effective, holistic and personalised management of their assets, through the expertise of its advisors and asset managers, who have many years of international experience in their respective fields.


Bellatrix Asset Management S.A. is a registered corporation (RCS B126537) domiciled at 31, Boulevard Prince Henri, L-1724 in Luxembourg. It is regulated by the Luxembourg financial sector supervisory commission CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) and is an authorised  Management Company under Chapter 15 of the Law of 17 December 2010 on undertakings for collective investments, i.e. managing UCITS governed by Directive 2009/65/EC.

As a Luxembourg management company, we have received the legal approvals from the authorities (CSSF) to manage UCITS and AIFMD as well as to provide Discretionary Management.

We also hold the ‘Freedom to provide services’ which allows us to manage the assets of our clients, which are deposited in Belgium, Denmark and France.

We are working with JnL as our internal auditor and PwC as our external auditors.

Quality Control

Bellatrix has a set of guidelines and internal procedures aimed to produce and market financial products and services in a professional way with highest quality.

Quality is an intrinsic part of our corporate culture. Our clients shall benefit from our continuous effort to strive for execution excellence and create the transparency required to reduce conflicts of interests.