Archea – Europe

Archea Europe is the stock-picker’s choice in Europe. Archea Europe fund aims to achieve higher returns over a longer period of time compared to having a balanced portfolio composed of  50% European shares and 50% European government bonds.

The fund can be integrated into an existing investment strategy.  It can also be put forward as a unique investment solution. The fund has no restriction to a specific asset allocation.

Investment Philosophy

Archea Europe fund, is a balanced fund which aims to offer constant growth, with reduced volatility. Alpha can be generated by long term asset allocation and thorough stock picking of European large and mid-caps. It is managed actively according to both positive and negative information. The fund manager analyse and then select the best companies in sectors with true growth potential.

The fund is diversified, with about 60 positions.  The risk is reduced through a diversification of very high quality securities (shares and bonds), also through an opportunistic approach to company information.

Lastly, we endeavour to implement rigorous and disciplined risk control, in order to meet expectations in performance, whilst at the same time limiting risk as far as possible; this is our aim.


  • Archea Europe has been awarded by Morningstar/LIPPER as best portfolio fund in Europe in 2009 for 3 and for 5 years.
  • The fund has outperformed its benchmark in 12 of 15 years, and has proofed to deliver solid returns in the long run.