Wealth Management

We are a specialized financial asset management boutique for both retail and institutional investors through advisory or discretionary management mandates, and through its own investment funds across the Europe, Asia and Middle East. We listen to clients' needs, goals and priorities, then we partner with them in order to develop wealth and investment management strategies and reach their objectives. We seek to develop novel investment strategies as well as dynamically allocate capital across investment opportunities in order to create the maximum adjusted risk-return.

Our investment advisory team provides clients with asset allocation and portfolio diversification guidance, as well as custom made investment vehicles to meet their objectives. 

Our wealth advisory team helps our clients to design and implement wealth management solutions that address their needs in tax planning, estate planning and philanthropy.

Our trust and administration services offer tailor made solution to enhance client liquidity, including residential mortgages, private equity funds, commercial real estate, yacht, vineyard and art collection.   

Our structuring solutions help clients to manage their broad spectrum of risk, by providing leading advices and liquidity.