Archea – Spectrum

Archea Spectrum, is a global fund of fund which invests, without geographic or sectoral restriction, in mixed investment strategies done by experimented management teams. The fund is designed for all type of investors who seek a flexible market exposure.

Investment Philosophy

A particular effort is made in the analysis and monitoring of the investment teams in which the sub-fund invests. Strategies are examined and correlations between them are taken into account in the selection of funds and in their allocation within the portfolio. Diversification is assured by a dozen managers.


  • Archea Spectrum will be launched on October 15 2017 and is keen to generate stable long-term returns.
  • A simple and diversified access to excellent flexible fund managers across all geographic areas, including emerging markets.
  • Depending on market conditions, exposure to equities can be greatly reduced.
  • The fund is managed without reference to a particular index.
  • Underlying funds are accumulating, hence income and capital gains are reinvested.