Strategic Asset Allocation

At Bellatrix, our expert team gives a consolidated picture of the global wealth of each client by asset class, including illiquid and unlisted assets, such as real estate and private equity. Then with the help of our proprietary quantitative models, we go through their wealth allocation risk-return process. Finally we help our clients to optimise their portfolio allocation in order to better reflect their investment objectives.

Our strategical asset allocation tool helps our clients to identify key allocation objectives for the long-run, which would be the basis for the transmission of their wealth to the next generation. We listen to our clients carefully and understand their objectives and needs, then with the help of our strategic asset allocation tool, we create a highly personalised and valuable view of allocation choices for their wealth in future.

We create a global and consolidated view of each individuals of our client, with key risk-return indicators as well as diagnose their wealth risk-return, qualitatively. We make all of these decisions only based on our clients specific objectives, goals and constraints. We indicate the potential improvement areas and at the end through our optimisation strategy we help our clients to achieve their objectives.