Fund Management

We are an independent investment management boutique, which entirely owned by its manager and employees. Our horizontal organization enables us to focus only on our clients rather than bureaucracy. We are specialists in both Fixed Income and Equities, which enables us to deliver a range of investment themes using different asset classes. The clients benefit from our interdisciplinary know-how directly within each product but form a sound and coherent diversification when allocating a portfolio. Our investment horizon spans several years to decades.
Thus, a quality approach is key for all our funds. Clearly, being invested ourselves in our products aligns our own interests with the interests of our clients.

Global Reach: Our global presence throughout the Europe, Asia and Middle-East gives us an advantage to tailor solutions, based on our clients’ unique needs, from portfolio design, asset allocation and advisory solutions to structuring and domiciliation.

Asset Allocation Strategies: We seek to develop novel investment strategies as well as dynamically allocate capital across investment opportunities in order to create the maximum adjusted risk-return.

Risk Management: We Reduce The Risk exposure of a client’s portfolio Step-by-Step by measuring risk in both bull market and bear market. With the help of our in-house developed quantitative strategies, we identify investment opportunities early enough to get-in and market downturn to get-out and reduce the losses for our clients.

Macro and Fundamental Research: Our dedicated team with the help of in-house developed strategies analyses a wide range of securities and markets in order to provide not only macroeconomic but also microeconomic views and investment strategies.

UCITS 5 funds