Life Insurance Products

At Bellatrix, through our specific life insurance products, either fixed or variable, we structure a portfolio for our clients based on their needs and goals. Aspects of security, tax advantages, death benefits and cash flow management are key elements of Life insurance coverage.

Freedom to Provide Services

Set up by several EU directives, the regime of Freedom to Provide Services (FPS) allows any insurance company established in one EU member state to freely market its products within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Through the FPS, Luxembourg offers unparalleled expertise in life insurance and managing your wealth through specialized asset managers in the management and optimization of your wealth.



Luxembourg offers a highly secure jurisdiction by asserting a “super priority” for Luxembourger life insurances.

In the event of bankruptcy or default of the insurance company, the policyholder has a privileged right on the asset of the insurance company to ensure the recovery of his property.

In addition, the subscriber of the insurance constitutes a separate fund for his assets, segregated from those of the insurance company. That fund is deposited in an external independent bank, the “custodian” bank.



The available solutions offer a great flexibility in managing the client’s wealth:

  • Internal Dedicated funds: a personalized and professional management of the client’s portfolio based on an investment profile
  • External Funds: clients have access to a wide range of investment funds.
  • Collective internal funds: coordinated asset management for customers interested in the same investment strategy.
  • Specialized insurance fund: individual management by the subscriber himself.


Depending on your country of residence, a life insurance policy can have fiscal benefits with respect to personal taxation and investment transactions.