Global Macro Research

At Bellatrix, we are providing macro economic research which are known for being highly quantitative in order to analyse big data and filter out all the noises and provide our clients with the fact-based analysis for their investment. We try to make a meaningful description of data and create ways to relate pieces of macro economy together and find asset prices which can be engage. Our research makes macroeconomics data directly useful for the financial markets. We are mining the data to uncover unique and useful information for our clients. Our financial market recommendations are built on econometric work linking Economic and financial market developments.

We cover all the sectors worldwide as well as major issues such as, inflation, monetary policy, fiscal policy, the labour market, etc. For the US, our strategy also cover durable goods, residential housing and business sentiments. We globally assessing labour markets and productivity, corporate earnings, credit & debt market.

We are creating investment recommendations ranging from broad asset allocation in US, emerging market, long/short treasuries as well as sector recommendation such as real estate, banks and sustainability. We also have done some work on relative commodities. We are providing trading signals, investment committee reports as well as conference calls and site meetings.

Our emerging market research, providing insights on emerging economies and markets in China, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle-East. Our product offering includes daily market view, weekly trading signals, data analysis for portfolio construction.