Risk Management & Trading Strategies

At Bellatrix, we are managing risk with our in-house built quantitative models which can profit from the upward markets while minimising market drag-down. We have proven track record for each individual of our strategies and use them with our fundemental analysis in order to offer the best risk-return to our clients.

Our quantitative research team is responsible for improving the performance of the portfolio by developing new techniques for more efficiently managing risk as well as capturing alpha. Our risk analysts, researching and analyzing market and macroeconomic conditions and their impact on portfolios’ movements. Along with portfolio risk-return calculations, our risk analysts also assist in hedging ideas generation. The process is involving:

  • Gathering and analyzing large data such as tick data, fundamental as well as sentiment data.
  • Developing quantitative strategies and back-test the investment strategy.
  • Identify noises from data and mange new dataset which support investment decisions.
  • Discuss the investment ideas with the portfolio managers and recommend new strategies.

We believe that with our trading strategies, we are able to providing our clients with global market insights and state-of-the-art risk analytics. We are working with key players throughout global markets. This enables us to minimize market impact and maximum draw-down as well as implement cash management strategies.

Via our trading strategies, we offer a wide range of products to our clients which they, themselves, can make a rational decision and choose the best, in order to diversify their risk. We offer all different type of strategies across currencies, equities, fixed income and prime money market and with the help of our proprietary trading strategies we choose the best execution method, and we are able to control total trading costs by balancing costs and risk throughout a transition.