Trading Tactics

At Bellatrix, we have developed in-house tactical trading strategies based on systematic macro and discretionary macro. Our quantitative team, combine quantitative strategies with top-down and bottom-up analysis in order to forecast financial market conditions and provide the best investment strategy for the clients.

Systematic Macro, is our own proprietary quantitative models across multiple asset classes, which also including futures and quantitative macro. The strategy benefits from the upward and downward price movements across all different asset classes in both developed market as well as emerging markets. The strategy has no trend following aspect and it is based on logical mathematics as Bayesian statistics.

Discretionary Macro, is our own proprietary quantitative strategy which focuses on shifts in government policies as well as central banks. These aspects may have an impact on the financial instrument valuations. Our portfolios based on this strategy is globally diversified by markets, instruments and asset classes, which uses macroeconomic and fundamental data, as a basis for relative-value positions in developed and emerging market.

Tactical trading is a highly dynamic strategy, which provides flexible market exposure across all different asset classes with main key points as:

  • Sell Discipline
  • Trading based on Fundamental
  • Profit from volatility
  • Capture opportunities and benefit from surprise events